Welcome to Marquam Capital

The greatest investment we make is in maintaining the utmost trust of our clients. We embrace our fiduciary responsibility to put our clients ahead of ourselves and strive to maintain a direct, honest line of communication. The focus on maintaining this trust underlies everything we do: we look to the long-term in our investments and business planning and want to bring all our clients along with us on this journey.


With our focus on building and maintaining trust, we place a premium on ethical business practices. In addition to operating our own firm with a focus on ethical decision-making, we are able to assist clients who want to incorporate ethical criteria in the investment policy discussion.


The stock market can be a volatile place from day-to-day. Our investment approach avoids over-reacting to short-term movements of the market and focuses on creating an investment policy that incorporates each client's financial goals with his or her tolerance to risk, using long term asset allocation with shorter term tactical allocations to capture value.